Drinking & Boating… Do you know the risk?

With the Canada Day long weekend here, it is important to remember the rules on the water. Everyone knows the consequences of drinking and driving, but how many people know the consequences of drinking and boating? Let’s begin with this…it is illegal for the operator of the boat to consume alcohol. The following is a list of the minimum fines you will receive if caught under the influence while boating, according to BOATsmart Canada:

*1st Offence: A minimum fine of $600.

*2nd Offence: A minimum fine of $600 and at least 14 days in jail.

*3rd or Subsequent Offence: A minimum fine of $600 and at least 90 days in jail.

*The MAXIMUM fines and penalties vary by province.

However, passengers are allowed to consume alcohol on a boat as long as the following requirements are met:

  1. There is a permanent toilet.
  2. There is a permanent cooking area.
  3. There are permanent sleeping quarters.
  4. The boat is docked or anchored.


According to Barrie Police, drinking and boating makes up 40% of all boating fatalities. The effects of alcohol can be intensified by the sun, wind, waves, and movement of the boat. And if you think being on a non-motorized vessel gets you out of a ticket, think again. You can still be charged with impaired boating if you are operating a canoe or kayak.**

** https://www.barriepolice.ca/newsroom/2017/07/canadian-safe-boating-council-and-barrie-police-service-team-reduce-impaired-boatin

One behalf of everyone here at Eleven North Marine Services Inc., we advise that you boat and drink responsibly at all times.

Happy Canada Day!