Heated Storage: Why Winterize?

Many customers are quick to jump on our storage rates and with many selecting heated storage, they ask why they need to winterize a boat that is being kept above freezing temperatures. Although the boat will never drop below a freezing temperature, you are still exposing your motor to possible damage. Without properly winterizing a motor, you are allowing the water that is in your engine to engage in corrosion (or rust) within the motor. The presence of rust within the motor will jeopardize the integrity of your boat, as well as the overall life of the engine.

Even though we offer indoor unheated and outdoor storage on top of our premium heated storage, we strongly recommend heated storage for optimal protection of your watercraft. With your boat being maintained at a constant above freezing temperature, it disables any chance of damage caused by contraction and expansion due to fluctuating temperatures.

For further information on how you can safely store your boat over the 2015-2016 winter storage season, do not hesitate to call or email us!